The Afternoon of Impact's monthly meeting is a member only luncheon curated and programmed by executive director Jenisa Washington.  Where a new local nonprofit organization is presented to our members. Lunch is facilitated by Upstairs2, Executive chef Maiki Le and The Winehouse. An elegant seasonal four course meal is served including dessert, coffee and Beautifully paired wine tastings by Jim Knight owner of The Winehouse. 

Impact Spotlight

Afternoon of Impact Spotlights:

On Tuesday December 11, 2018 The Impact Circle welcomed Women’s Voices Now to our Afternoon of Impact luncheon. 

A local vetted nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, that utilizes social issue-based and  impact-oriented digital content to advance the rights of women and girls. To promote gender parity. Putting female voices both in front of and behind the camera! Which produces and supports media that engenders a female forward community.   

Thank you Heidi, Lela and Clancey for Educating the Impact Circle board and members on your work, programs and opportunities that Women’s Voices Now provide to women and girls!  

We are so excited to Collaborate and discover the most effective way to be in partnership, support and enhance their impactful work!

On Tuesday October 16, 2018 the Impact Circle welcomed Gifted by FreeFrom to our Afternoon of Impact luncheon! A local vetted nonprofit organization in Mar Vista, CA committed to domestic violence survivors health and wealth!  

Thank you, to the FreeFrom team Heather, Tianna and Ana for Educating our board and members on the Extraordinary work, services and tools that FreeFrom and Gifted by FreeFrom provides to survivors!!!   

Survivor entrepreneurship played a big role in the creation of Gifted by FreeFrom. According to Ana, a survivor who shared her Inspiring story with us. Entrepreneurship made possible by Sonya Passi Founder and CEO of FreeFrom and Gifted by FreeFrom!  

Thank you, Sonya and the survivor staff that make up FreeFrom and Gifted by FreeFrom! We are astonished by your incredible accomplishments in less than two years! The Impact Circle is looking forward to Collaborating and being of Service to your Empowering organization!

On Tuesday September 18, 2018 the Impact Circle kicked off our programming year with St. Joseph Center Culinary Arts training program. A local vetted nonprofit organization in Venice CA, dedicated to Hope through Empowerment! 

St. Joseph Center provides educational programs, skills & vocational training, a food pantry, culinary training, mental health services, childcare and job opportunities for homeless and low income people and families! 

Thank you Dr. Kellum, Erin Goldfarb, Nicole Wiggs and Chef DeeDee for Educating the Impact Circle board and members on the Extraordinary programs and services St. Joseph Center provides for local people and families in need!  


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