The Impact Circle

WHAT is The Impact Circle?  

A fiscally sponsored collective of talented women committed to Social Change in underserved local communities.


WHY we Serve? 

The Impact Circle’s mission is to provide Transformational Impact, Enhancement and Support to local people in local communities through local nonprofit organizations who are committed to providing Impactful services to those in need. 


WHO we Serve? 

Underserved people families women and children through local vetted nonprofit organizations providing Extraordinary services in the areas of: 

•education + support for vulnerable youth 

•empowerment health and wellness of women + girls 

•equality and justice (for all) 

•environment sustainability


HOW we Serve?  

•monetary grants  (given once every three months) September 2018- May 2019 

•sharing career skills, expertise and relationships with our nonprofit partners  

•donating volunteering time to help our nonprofit partners achieve next level success!  

The Impact Circle’s board and members make our service, grant giving, donations and volunteering possible. Our members make a  

•$12,000. Annual (tax deductible) donation to the Impact Circle. Of which 60% grants, 10% education + mentorship, 22% Development, Strategic Planning, Fundraising and 8% Administration and Operations.